Decorative Square Washer Brass Hardware 1.5" - Set of 10


Elevate your space with our refined brass washer. Designed with timeless elegance, it flawlessly complements your brass hardware, infusing your decor with classic sophistication and grace.

  • Set of 10: Each Decorative Square Washer measures 1.5" (38mm) x 0.1" (2mm); Hole diameter is at 0.2" (5mm); Pulls and other brass accessories are not included
  • Pure Solid Brass: Crafted from premium solid brass, this washer exudes sophistication and refinement, elevating any furniture or architectural endeavor. Its sleek design harmoniously complements various hardware styles, from classical to contemporary, making it an adaptable option for enriching residential and commercial environments alike.
  • Load Distribution: These washers are designed to effectively distribute loads across a wider surface area, reducing the risk of damage to materials and ensuring a secure connection between joining pins.
  • Fit for Various Brass Hardware Projects: Ideal for architectural restoration, interior design, furniture projects, wooden tables, cabinets, drawers, bureaus, armoires, cupboards, and more.
  • Care Instructions: Wipe it quickly and lightly with a rag coated with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. Then, rub it with a light-colored oil such as olive oil. To remove some of the tarnish and make it shinier, use a thin coating of commercial brass polish. Coat a rag with brass polish and let it dry out for a few hours before polishing to ensure that you don't overpolish.

Item AH-1326
UPC 810989023842