Angry Lion Pull 7.5"


Every bank and wealthy home in China is guarded by these fierce looking lions. They scare away evil spirits, and are considered good feng shui when placed at the entrance to homes or places of business.

This brass lion can be used as a simple pull on a cabinet front or door. It's good feng shui on your front door!

  • Total assembled measurement is 5.63"W x 7.68"H x 2.28"D (143mm x 195mm x 58mm)
  • Handle measurement is 4.33"W x 4.53"H x 0.31"D (110mm x 115mm x 8mm)
  • Includes a set of 0.8" (20mm) nails
  • Set of 1

Item AH-0014-B
UPC 810989021466