Wine Jug Cabinet Strips 8.5"


Gentle curves reminiscent of a bottle grace this classic Chinese "wine jug" hardware pull. It includes a hollow frame pull with an interesting shape that looks like a flower in bloom.

  • Total assembled measurement is 5.31"W x 8.46"H x 0.91"D (135mm x 215mm x 23mm)
  • Pull measurement is 1.73"W x 2.32"H x 0.24"D (44mm x 59mm x 6mm)
  • Washer Diameter measures 0.87" (22mm). Boring distance (distance between attachment points) measures 1.42" (36mm)
  • Total length of the key measures 4.4" (113mm). Post section of the key measures 3.5" (88mm). Post diameter measures 0.2" (5mm)
  • Includes a set of 1.6" (40mm) soft joining pins, 0.6" (15mm) nails

Item AG-0222
UPC 810126019981