Double Wine Bottle Strip Pulls 10"


This is an absolutely gorgeous set of brass cabinet pulls with miniature ancient Chinese wine bottles. The plates are inscribed with drawings of animals and wise men relaxing in a bamboo forest. The designs on these pulls are all meticulously hand carved by skilled craftsmen, making each one worthy of decorating an heirloom piece of furniture.

Note that the plates are attached first to the front of a cabinet or doorway with nails (included). The miniature wine bottles are then nailed in with small stakes that they are attached to. These stakes are 4 cm long, but can be filed down to as short as 2 cm depending on the thickness of the wood.

  • Total assembled measurement is 1.57"W x 10.24"H x 0.51"D (40mm x 260mm x 13mm)
  • Pull measurement is 0.83"W x 2.95"H x 0.35"D (21mm x 75mm x 9mm)
  • Total length of the key measures 3.5" (88mm). Post section of the key measures 2.5" (64mm). Post diameter measures 0.2" (6mm)
  • Includes a set of 1.8" (45mm) nailing pins and a set of 0.6" (15mm) nails
  • Set of 2

Item AG-0185
UPC 810126019967