Double Sparrow Strip Pulls 10"


This set of vertical pulls will add energy and oriental beauty to any set of double doors. A vignette of sparrows playing against a backdrop of flowers is inscribed on a shiny brass surface. This plate is made of solid, polished brass and the artwork is stenciled on with a black oil paint.

  • Total assembled measurement is 1.57"W x 10.04"H x 0.75"D (40mm x 255mm x 19mm)
  • Pull measurement is 1.42"W x 2.36"H x 0.28"D (36mm x 60mm x 7mm)
  • Washer Diameter measures 1.18" (30mm).
  • Includes a set of 2.4" (62mm) soft joining pins and a set of 0.6" (15mm) nails
  • Set of 2

Item AG-0003
UPC 810126019912