Bamboo Curve Cabinet Face Plate 5.5" x 6"


This cabinet face plate is shaped like a thick stalk of bamboo and ingeniously engineered so that you'll never lose the key.

When installing this piece note that the two vertical clasps that hold the sliding bolt in place have different size notches underneath; one keeps the bolt from escaping and one lets it slide back and forth. It's an ingenious and practical way to keep the slide bolt from ever getting lost.

This plate measures 5-1/8 inches across. Please see our other listings for larger but otherwise identical plates.

  • Total assembled measurement is 5.51"W x 5.12"H x 0.63"D (140mm x 130mm x 16mm)
  • Pull measurement is 1.18"W x 1.18"H x 0.2"D (30mm x 30mm x 5mm)
  • Boring distance (distance between attachment points) measures 1.5" (38mm)
  • Total length of the key measures 2.8" (70mm). Post section of the key measures 2.2" (55mm). Post diameter measures 0.4" (9mm)
  • Includes a set of 0.6" (15mm) nails and a set of 1.4" (35mm) screws

Item AA-0061-13X14
UPC 810126011381