Puzzle Combination Lock 3"


This is a traditional brass sliding combination lock for cabinets, boxes, and door latches. It works on basically the same principal as a regular combination lock, except that you match up four Chinese characters to open it. Guarding the sides of the lock are two lions' heads (often known as "foo dogs") that are meant to scare away evil spirits from violating the contents within.

Every lock we sell has its own unique combination, and we include a brief instruction manual with your individual code. Without the combination it can only be opened with a pair of strong bolt cutters. Note that this is a real lock, not a toy! Nonetheless it's a lot more attractive than a regular lock and looks great with fine furniture.

  • Total assembled measurement is 3.15"W x 1.57"H x 0.79"D (80mm x 40mm x 20mm)
  • Lock shackle length measures 2.24" (57mm) and diameter measures 0.16" (4mm). Total length of the key measures 3.1" (79mm). Post section of the key measures 2.8" (70mm). Post diameter measures 0.2" (5mm)
  • Set of 1

Item HW-0111
UPC 810989022494