Antelope Pulls 4.4" - Set of 2


With a nod to old Shanghai art deco, this set of pulls also incorporates elements of traditional Chinese hardware design with irregular antelope horn shaped handles.

  • SET OF 2: Total assembled measurement is 4.45"W x 2.16"H x 0.47"D (113mm x 55mm x 12mm)
  • HANDLE SIZE: The handle measures 3.9"W x 1.65"H x 1.2"D (98mm x 42mm x 47mm); Boring distance (distance between attachment points) is 3.15" (80mm); The handles depict antelope horns, which symbolizes wealth and longevity
  • BRASS PULL ACCESSORIES: Includes a set of beveled washers that measures 1.38" (35mm) in diameter; Comes with a set of 1.6" (40mm) soft joining pins for installation
  • Ideal for architectural restoration, interior design, furniture projects, wooden cabinets, drawers, and boxes.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wipe it quickly and lightly with a rag coated with soap and water or rubbing alcohol; Then, rub it with a light-colored oil such as olive oil; To remove some of the tarnish and make it shinier, use a thin coating of commercial brass polish; Coat a rag with brass polish and let it dry out for a few hours before polishing to ensure that you don't overpolish

Item AI-0222
UPC 810989020490